The application deadline for Deer and Antelope licenses is March 15, However there is a usually a large number of leftover tags made available around the first of July. All hunts will be done within short driving distance from our beautiful cabin and we will send a packed lunch with you each day. Resident Application Fee $5.00. The Werner ranch is located in the heart of Wyoming’s antelope population. Some walking is required for Antelope as we only pursue and take game on the Cross C Ranch with “Fair Chase” methods. We would like to welcome you to join us on your Wyoming antelope hunt here in South Eastern Wyoming. Trophy Rifle Antelope Hunt Unit 29 Type 1 license $1800 Deposit $800 We will not refund deposits due to cancellations. The Rifle Antelope Hunts on the Moore Ranch are simply excellent, you will see hundreds of antelope every day. 25 spring Canyon Rd. Both the northeast and southeast also offer great hunting, but there are fewer public-land opportunities. Our family owned cattle ranches offer over 45,000+ private acres of prime hunting habitat for antelope, mule deer, and elk. The hunting is in Antelope Hunt Unit 38 with 550 antelope buck tags going out to an area almost completely covered in private ranching, which provides a steady population. Wyoming is not an easy state to get started in for elk hunting, but the deer and antelope tags are readily available to first time nonresident hunters. We are blessed to have several diverse Antelope herds on and around The Cross C Ranch. This is a family owned business who's dedicated to provide an antelope hunting experience that will last a lifetime. Fortunately, the large number of units combined with lots of pronghorns increases your odds, especially if … Antelope Hunting in Wyoming at the Moore Ranch! Non-residents who want to hunt elk in Wyoming need to apply for a general elk tag, which is not guaranteed every season.There’s a cap on the number of general non-resident elk tags made available in Wyoming each year. If you book as a group of family or friends, you will have the Moore Ranch exclusively to yourselves for the Archery Antelope hunt. Joined Oct 3, 2017 Messages 431 Location Too far east. All rights reserved. Add an Antelope to your itinerary and see one of the truly magnificent treasures of the American West! The deposit payment can be paid by a personal check , money order, or certified check, however the balance of the hunt must be paid in cash, money order, or certified check. Season dates and application dates are subject to change by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Archery antelope hunting in Wyoming starts August 15th and ends the last day of September. the Moore Ranch! Wyoming divides the state into 115 antelope units or “hunt areas”, each with an annual tag quota. Timberline Outfitters offers some of the highest quality pronghorn antelope hunts in Wyoming. Some antelope units have leftovers and can then be drawn in the leftover tag drawing this summer. It is stocked with rainbow and brown trout. -   MULE DEER HUNTING   -   Antelope . Any tags that are left after that draw go on sale as first come basis. *All Antelope Hunts will include home cooked meals and comfortable lodging in our beautiful cabin. Look hard at antelope units 22 and 23. Non-Resident Big Game Wyoming hunting licenses for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetail Deer are on a permit drawing basis. So if you miss the deadline there is still an opportunity to get a license. We have managed the ranch for trophy mule deer, white tail deer, elk, and antelope for over 30 years. See more info here. Average antelope bucks harvested will score between 67-74″. The cost of your hunt does not include the price of your license(s). We are located in the Laramie Mountain Range, 30 miles West of Wheatland, Wyoming. With 600 tags now on quota for this hunt, the antelope … We have maintained 100% success rates on our rifle hunts, due to our commitment to manage our wildlife at the highest standards possible, and Limiting the amount of hunters we take each year. -  OUR HISTORY  -  ARTICLES  We are after Pope an young class antelope. Hunters from around the world come to Wyoming for the best Antelope hunts in the west, Our 5 day Archery Antelope hunts take place in prime Antelope country in a variety of different landscapes. 5 Day Trophy Archery Antelope Hunt Unit 29 Type 1 license $2000 Deposit $800  2020 Wyoming Antelope Hunting Rates – Includes lodging at the Hunting Lodge, all meals, transportation, and guide. Everything you need to plan your Wyoming hunting trips for 2020. Considering that there are more antelope statewide than people, Wyoming is antelope hunting heaven. The Hunt Area for The Ranch is Area 38 & 103 and the season dates are from October 5th to October 31st, 2020 Application period is January 2nd – May 31st, All Antelope Hunts are 4 Day, 5 Night Hunts. At this time, preference points are not available to Wyoming resident hunters for these species. Stay tuned for Part 2, which will cover the planning your hunt after you’ve drawn your first Wyoming pronghorn license. Wyoming's most sought after antelope hunting is primarily found in south-central, central and southwest Wyoming. *We are after Pope and Young Antelope, at the very least!! While many states have excellent Antelope hunting, a hunt in Wyoming can be done nearly every year on leftover licenses and ever 2-4 years in a great units through the public draw system. -  CONTACT,