[indent]quote: "I haven't got all bloody day. McNish had little time to mourn his beloved cat, as he had much work to do preparing and modifying the three lifeboats for sea; the lives of all the men would depend on these boats. The ship became lost, trapped and then crushed in pack ice. One of my favorite books is "Endurance," Sir Ernest Shackleton's story of his attempt in 1914 to cross Antartica via the South Pole. but please allow all images to load before doing so, or some may not display He remains the only cat ever to have been awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry under enemy fire, A formal complaint was made against Vincent, who was in fact demoted as a result. Finally I must highly recommend the marvellous book Mrs Chippy's Last Expedition, by Caroline Alexander (1997, Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 07475 3819 0). Who was in charge of the photography? The upshot, as is well known, was that eventually, after three and a half months and against great odds, Shackleton did manage to lead all the crew to safety and no human life was lost. Not unexpectedly they howled and made a lot of noise, and this rather unnerved the cat at first. Further details of the album and the whole project can be seen at MySpace. After about a month, when the Antarctic winter was setting in and it was obvious the ship was not going to be on the move anytime soon, the dogs were moved off the deck into specially built houses made from ice blocks, on the ice floe beside the ship. These dogs suffered from lack of exercise and — oddly, considering the important role they would be expected to play later — were not very well looked after; indeed, poor condition led to the early demise of several of them. Featuring Felines An extraordinary thing happened during the night. Shackleton shot Mrs Chippy for food, a callous act for which McNish never forgave him. Start date Oct 25, 2020; Tags ... What happened to her boyfriend she was with? Mrs Chippy, a tiger-striped tabby, was taken on board the ship used by the expedition's Weddell Sea party, Endurance, as a ship's cat by carpenter and master shipwright Harry "Chippy" McNish ("Chippy" being a colloquial British term for a carpenter). Fortunately it was a quiet and calm night and the officer of the watch, Lt Hubert Hudson, heard the cat's cries and was able to smartly turn the ship around to pick him up. The carpenter … document.write(""); He was willing and proved to be an asset, eventually gaining promotion to steward. Circumstances were to change, though, as in mid-January 1915 Endurance became trapped in frozen pack ice from which, despite the best efforts of the crew, she would never escape and which would eventually crush her. It was Blackborow who became Mrs Chippy's champion and second-best mate, and what seems to be the only existing photograph of the cat is on the young man's shoulder. By October 1915 winter had begun to loosen its grip, and at one time hopes were high and it seemed as though Endurance might be able to gain her freedom from the ice and continue her voyage. The crew were distraught, thinking he had gone out onto the ice and frozen to death, and were greatly relieved when he reappeared. Direct linking (hotlinking) to ANY images on this site is strictly forbidden. The atmospheric music is themed around the various phases of the expedition and the stages of the men's survival. It was taken by expedition photographer Frank Hurley and looks as though it might have been taken outside the galley. However, played by 'Mac', Mrs Chippy did feature in the 2002 Channel 4 film Shackleton, starring Kenneth Branagh in the title role and with Ken Drury playing McNish (available on DVD). Didn't ever ask what I was watching or how it happened just took it to be repaired and never spoke of it again. The tabby cat -- Mrs. Chippy -- jumped overboard through one of the cabin portholes and the officer on … Then, in 2004, a life-size bronze statue of Mrs Chippy was added to the grave. LIFE ON THE ICE. With the ship hopelessly lodged in the ice, the crew was forced to abandon ship. Frank Bossert is a German musician, composer and songwriter living in the north of the country. 'The only thing I remember him saying,' says Norris, 'was that Shackleton s… ! A tabby cat taken on board by the carpenter Harry McNish, "Mrs Chippy" was later found to be male! [2], McNish was very attached to Mrs Chippy and never forgave Shackleton for having him killed. In 2006 a fine plaque dedicated to Harry 'Chippy' McNish was unveiled at the library in his Scottish birthplace of Port Glasgow. The dogs also had a stout wire between posts along which they could run for exercise while remaining securely chained to it; again Mrs Chippy would tempt fate by watching them from just out of range. Mrs. Chippy. Articles in Famous Felines are written by When the time came the biologist, Robert Clark, picked up Mrs Chippy and gave him an affectionate hug and stroke. Finally, on October 27, 1915, a new wave of pressure rippled across the … (Five dog teams were subsequently destroyed in the same manner in January 1916, and the remaining two in March.) Mrs. Chippy has the dubious distinction of presumably being the first cat in history to travel to—and end up shot to death in—the Antarctic. However, as time went on he gained in confidence and would prowl around on top of their kennels mewing; then sharpen his claws on the roofs (the mainmast was also a favourite claw-sharpening spot), and sit there calmly washing himself. The candidates interrupted each other during the chippy debate, ... “I have a feeling by the end of this evening I am going to be blamed for everything that has happened,” Mrs. Clinton said. With conditions now more dire than ever, and no room for dead weight, Shackleton ordered the four weakest sled dog pups and the carpenter’s cat Mrs. Chippy to be shot. chippy is the nickname of carpenters in england, and the ship’s carpenter brought his kitten for the trip.