This course is equivalent to COMP 5709 at Carleton University. CSI 5136 Computer Security and Usability (3 units). Méthodes pour l'agrégation et le prétraitement des données. BNF 5107 Applied Bioinformatics (3 units). CSI 7170 Advanced Topics in Distributed Computing (3 units). Topics of current interest in Software Engineering, such as requirements engineering, precise and advanced modelling, development processes, change management, standards, and emerging types of applications. Symmetric ciphers: block and stream modes. Advanced research questions. Les cours CSI 5904, CSI 5903 ne peuvent être combinés pour l'obtention de crédits. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota has come a long way in the past 50 years. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5100 à l'Université Carleton. Courses CSI 5904, CSI 5903 cannot be combined for units. CSI 9998 Examen général de doctorat / Ph.D. Comprehensive. Volet / Course Component: Séminaire / Seminar, CSI 9997 Proposition de thèse de doctorat / Doctoral Thesis Proposal. Les détails seront disponibles à l'école au moment de l'inscription. CSI 7901 Études dirigées / Directed Studies (3 crédits / 3 units). 9 course units in computer science (CSI) at the graduate level, including: 3 course units in Software Engineering (Category E), 3 course units in the Theory of Computing (Category T), 3 course units in Computer Applications (Category A) or in Computer Systems (Category S), 3 elective course units in computer science (CSI) at the graduate level, Visit the Advanced study of programming paradigms from a practical perspective. Power management. Lower bounds, upper bounds, and average performance of algorithms. Students take a broad set of core computer science courses in the early semesters, which exposes them to the main concepts in computing. This course is equivalent to COMP 6100 at Carleton University. Algorithmes pour générer des objets combinatoires de base (permutations, combinaisons, sous-ensembles) et pour résoudre des problèmes d'optimisation difficiles (knapsack, clique maximum, couverture minimum). Computational aspects and applications of design and analysis of mobile and wireless networking. Major concepts and methods of bioinformatics. Current topics in bioinformatics presented by program professors and invited speakers. Students may take 5000-level CPSC electives to satisfy elective requirements with permission of chair. Structure and use of data definition and manipulation languages. CSI 5175 Mobile Commerce Technologies (3 units). profile, Visit the CSI 5124 Computational Aspects of Geographic Information Systems (3 units). Multi-sensor data fusion. CSI 5540 Thème choisi en systèmes informatiques (catégorie S) (3 crédits). Choix d'applications en exploration des données et en extraction des concepts. CSI 5137 Selected Topics in Software Engineering (Category E) (3 units). This Specialization covers much of the material that first-year Computer Science students take at Rice University. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5900 à la Carleton University. For more information, refer to the list of faculty members and their research fields on Uniweb. Cours ouvert uniquement aux étudiants inscrits à la maîtrise sans thèse. Algorithms for finding frequent patterns and association analysis; classification; cluster analysis and anomaly detection. Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, a few steps away from Parliament Hill, the University of Ottawa is among Canada’s top 10 research universities. Selected topics in Artificial Intelligence (A.I. Physics of light transport, rendering equation and Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function. Les devoirs seront à la fois (a) axés sur la programmation, exigeant l'implémentation et/ou l'extension de prototypes (b) axés sur la recherche, nécessitant des lectures de sujets spéciaux dans des revus d'I.A. Data dependencies and decomposition. Analysis and relief strategies. 2. Computer Science - Specializations Georgia Tech's innovative MS CS degree program allows students to specialize their degree, to fit their academic and professional goals. Les récents développements, tels que les puces d'ADN et de protéines. An oral examination occurs if the written exam is passed. The units awarded for co-op terms may not be used to obtain equivalences for other courses. CSI 5195 Ethics for Artificial Intelligence (3 units), Students critically examine topics in applied AI ethics through the lens of contemporary philosophy and applied ethics texts, popular media articles, and technology case studies. Real time applications of distributed simulation. CSI 5139 Selected Topics in Computer Applications (Category A) (3 units). Computing isomorphism of combinatorial objects (graphs), isomorph-free exhaustive generation. Web servers, containers, and application frameworks. Sujets courants en bioinformatique présentés par des étudiants en PhD et des conférenciers invités. Topics include modeling and evaluation techniques, error detecting and correcting codes, module and system level fault detection mechanisms, design techniques for fault-tolerant and fail-safe systems, software fault tolerance through recovery blocks, N-version programming, algorithm-based fault tolerance, checkpointing and recovery techniques, and survey of practical fault-tolerant systems. There are two ways to study Computer Science (CS) at UC Berkeley: 1. This course is equivalent to COMP 6908 at Carleton University. University of Manitoba's Computer Science Students' Association. CSI 5101 Knowledge Representation (3 units). Méthodes d'exploration et de partage de données pour la publicité ciblée numérique. This course is equivalent to COMP 5110 at Carleton University. The following specializations are currently available: 1. BS Computer Science with Specialization in Bioinformatics Checklist (Fall 2018 Curriculum) All major requirements must be taken for a letter grade (with the exception of CSE 95, 197, 198, and 199). Courses CSI 5169, ELG 6168 cannot be combined for units. Serveurs Web, conteneurs et cadres d'application. CSI 5526 Algorithmes en bio-informatique (3 crédits). For additional information, please consult the “Admission Requirements” section of the PhD program. Génie de fiabilité des logiciels. (The report must be 30 pages long, including appendices.) E-commerce system architecture with a focus on relevant design patterns. Services Web et agents. Emphasis on data models, architectures, logic-based techniques for query processing, metadata and consistency management, the role of XML and ontologies in data integration; connections to schema mapping, data exchange, and P2P systems. This course is equivalent to COMP 5002 at Carleton University. Thèmes choisis en génie logiciel (catégorie E), non couverts par d'autres cours de deuxième cycle. Students in this specialization study the design and assembly of software systems. In this specialization students learn in-depth about means for communicating between computers, including the low-level mechanics of networking as well as higher-level concerns like security and cryptography. Expérience pratique avec un ensemble intégré d'outils de commerce électronique actuels. For "M.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in area", from among the areas in which specializations are offered by the Institute, the student must: Complete at least 16 credits of courses in the chosen specialization. This course is equivalent to BIOL 5516 at Carleton University. The Computer Science and Engineering Division at Michigan is home to one of the oldest and most respected programs in computation in the world. Not all of the listed courses are given each year. Design issues of advanced multiprocessor distributed operating systems: multiprocessor system architectures; process and object models; synchronization and message passing primitives; memory architectures and management; distributed file systems; protection and security; distributed concurrency control; deadlock; recovery; remote tasking; dynamic reconfiguration; performance measurement, modeling, and system tuning. Les applications peuvent couvrir les domaines de la finance, de la médecine, de la fabrication, des villes intelligentes, du Web sémantique, de la détection de fraudes ou d’intrusion, des véhicules autonomes, de l'analyse d’opinion, de l'analyse de sentiments ou d’autres domaines similaires. CSI 5538 Thème choisi en théorie de l'informatique (catégorie T) (3 crédits). Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Multiprocessor architectures from an application programmer's perspective: programming models, processor clusters, multi-core processors, GPUs, algorithmic paradigms, efficient parallel problem solving, scalability and portability. This course emphasizes concepts and techniques rather than specific applications or systems/implementations. Students in this specialization learn how to design, implement, and evaluate ways for people to interact with computing technology, including how to address people’s needs and abilities, how to render and visualize information, and how to use novel technologies to improve interactions. Current research issues. Présentation orale requise. CSI 7163 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems (3 units). Economics of usability. University of Alberta computing scientists received expert advice on implementing inclusive teaching practices in a presentation by guest speaker Colleen Lewis. Students will carry out research. In-depth study on developments in database systems shaping the future of information systems, including complex object, object-oriented, object-relational, and semi-structured databases. Bayesian networks, factor graphs, Markov random fields, maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) and maximum likelihood (ML) principles, elimination algorithm, sum-product algorithm, decomposable and non-decomposable models, junction tree algorithm, completely observed models, iterative proportional fitting algorithm, expectation- maximization (EM) algorithm, iterative conditional modes algorithm, variational methods, applications. Note: Candidates are responsible for any fees associated with the language tests. CSI 7162 Advanced Topics in Computer Applications (3 units). (passer à la version française de cette page), (switch to the English version of this page), Master of Computer Science Specialization in Bioinformatics. For the most accurate and up to date information on application deadlines, language tests and other admission requirements, please visit the specific requirements webpage. System family engineering. Topics include: visibility problems, hidden line and surface removal, path planning amidst obstacles, convex hulls, polygon triangulation, point location. / Practical experience. University of Ottawa's Facebook profile, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Computer Science, Graduate Studies Office, Faculty of Engineering, Degree offered: Master of Computer Science (MCS), Registration status options: Full-time; Part-time, Collaborative specialization: Bioinformatics. This course is equivalent to COMP 5204 at Carleton University. CSI 5312 Distributed Operating Systems Engineering (3 units). Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5903 à la Carleton University. Les détails seront disponibles à l'école au moment de l'inscription. This specialization often includes applications of technology in medical contexts, such as … There is no room for impulsive decisions or applying to universities merely on the basis of rankings. Technologies du commerce électronique à valeur ajoutée. Thèmes choisis en intelligence artificielle (I.A. Algorithmic techniques may include locality-sensitive hashing, dimensionality reduction, streaming, clustering, VC-dimension, external memory, core sets, link analysis and recommendation systems. Flexible bodies. / This course is equivalent to COMP 6902 at Carleton University. Sélection et évaluation des modèles et tests de signification statistique. Préalable : être accepté au programme de certificat en commerce électronique (option technologie) et recevoir la permission du Comité du programme. CSI 5380 Systems and Architectures for Electronic Commerce (3 units). Assemblage de l'ADN, recherche de gênes, comparaison de chaînes, alignement de séquences, structures grammaticales, structures secondaires et tertiaires. PHONE: 204-474-8313 PHONE: 204-474-7609 EMAIL: CSI 5153 Data Management for Business Intelligence (3 units). Contact CSI 5789 Technologies du commerce électronique (3 crédits). Protocoles, services, et technologies de client Web. With 21 options available you can design and pursue a program of study that combines computing with almost any other field. / Project on a specific topic in electronic commerce under the supervision of a professor. Substitution, transposition, and product ciphers. Algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems, division of labour, task allocation, task switching, and task sequencing with applications in security, routing, wireless and ad hoc networks and distributed manufacturing. Computer science is a very broad field, and ever-evolving. Topics may include: computational geometry algorithms for cancer treatment, medical imaging, spatial data compression algorithms, dynamic programming for DNA analysis. Computer science combines the study of computation and information processing fundamentals with their application in the world around us. Courses EBC 5175, CSI 5175 cannot be combined for units. Mathematical and practical aspects of design and analysis of communication networks. This course is equivalent to COMP 5703 at Carleton University. Convergence of social and technological networks with WWW. CSI 5386 Natural Language Processing (3 units). This course is equivalent to COMP 6603 at Carleton University. L'envergure du projet de recherche exigé dans ce cours est deux fois plus grande que dans le cas de CSI 5900. Correctness proofs. CSI 5388 Topics in Machine Learning (3 units), CSI 5389 Electronic Commerce Technologies (3 units). Hands-on experience with an integrated set of current e-commerce tools. The co-op option is not available to MCS students in the Accelerated Stream. CSI 5900 Projets de recherche en informatique / Graduate Projects in Computer Science (3 crédits / 3 units). The thesis director must be a member of the collaborative program. The estimated amount for university fees associated with this program are available under the section Finance your studies. This course is equivalent to COMP 5707 at Carleton University. Overview of recent advances in watermarking of image, video, audio, and other media. 1.1.1. This course is equivalent to COMP 5900 at Carleton University. Graded S (Satisfactory) / NS (Not satisfactory), to be based on the grades obtained for the written report as well as on the evaluations of the employer. Major students are eligible for the co-op program and specialization areas. Specialized topics in security including advanced authentication techniques, user interface aspects, electronic and digital signatures, security infrastructures and protocols, software vulnerabilities affecting security, non-secure software and hosts, protecting software and digital content. Emphasis on underlying principles. Students wishing to complete a Graduate Specialization as part of their MEng program should consult the list of required courses for each Graduate Specialization before selecting courses. University of Ottawa's Youtube profile, Visit the For example, you can follow your love of gaming with Computing and X. We provide a progressive curriculum, internationally-recognized faculty, and an intellectual community that values diversity, interdisciplinary teamwork, entrepreneurial thinking, and inventiveness. Integration of usability engineering into the software engineering lifecycle. Algorithmes d'extraction de patrons et analyse des règles d'association; partitionnement des données et détection des anomalies. Utilisation d'assistants de preuves, de déduction automatisée et d'autres méthodes formelles visant l'exactitude de logiciel. (Category E). Applications could include areas in Finance, Medicine, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Semantic Web, Healthcare, Fraud Detection, Intrusion Detection, Autonomous Vehicles, Opinion mining, Sentiment Analysis or similar areas. In accordance with the University of Ottawa regulation, students have the right to complete their assignments, examinations, research papers, and theses in French or in English. CSI 5142 Protocols for Mobile and Wireless Networks (3 units). Conception et évaluation de l'interface utilisateur pour le commerce électronique. Topics include Physical, Link Layer, Media Access Control, Wireless, Mobile LANs (Local Area Networks), Ad-Hoc, Sensor Networks, Power Consumption optimization, Routing, Searching, Service Discovery, Clustering, Multicasting, Localization, Mobile IP/TCP (Internet Protocol/Transmission Control Protocol), File Systems, Mobility Models, Wireless Applications. 220 likes. Encryption and decryption. CSI 5118 Automated Verification and Validation of Software (3 units). The School of Computer Science is a participating unit in the collaborative program in bioinformatics at the master’s level. Aspects conceptuels et techniques de l’exploration des données. in Computer Science is a two-year post-graduate programme with the objective to develop human resources with core competence in various thrust areas of Computer Science. This course is equivalent to COMP 5304 at Carleton University. Volet / Course Component: Cours magistral / Lecture, CSI 5901 Études dirigées / Directed Studies (3 crédits / 3 units). Projet de développement du commerce électronique. A 3-unit course at the University of Ottawa is equivalent to a 0.5-unit course at Carleton University. Applicants must be able to understand and fluently speak the language of instruction (English) in the program to which they are applying. Details will be available from the School at the time of registration. M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is one of the specialized degrees in the Masters Programme for Computer Science enthusiasts. In the AI specialization, students can get experience in machine learning, robotics and other state-of-the-art systems. Theories and techniques in 3D modeling and animation. CSI 5166 Applications of Combinatorial Optimization (3 units). Topics include randomized binary search trees, persistence, fractional cascading, self-adjusting data structures, van Emde Boas trees, tries, randomized heaps, and lowest common ancestor queries. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5901 à la Carleton University. Modular arithmetic. Self-organized, mobile, and hybrid ad hoc networks. The admission requirements listed above are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission to the program. CSI 5113 Foundations Programming Languages (3 units). Distributed agent based simulation. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 6907 à la Carleton University. Value added e-commerce technologies. This course is equivalent to COMP 6601 at Carleton University. Computational knowledge discovery in and the dynamic nature of cellular networks. This course is equivalent to COMP 5301 at Carleton University. University of Ottawa's Instagram profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Twitter To complete a master’s with coursework and project, you must meet the following requirements: Students enrolled in the master’s program in computer science at the University of Ottawa may be eligible to fast-track directly into the doctoral program without writing a master’s thesis. Data structures, query languages, implementation and applications. CSI 5115 Database Analysis and Design (3 units). Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5707 à la Carleton University. CSI 7561 Études avancées en systèmes et langages de programmation (3 crédits). Computer Sec… You can start either in September or February.The pre-master's begins in September. Testing techniques. You can work with a professor during your academi… Facial animation. Have a bachelor of science degree with honours in computer science (or equivalent), with a minimum average of B (70%). Topics include a mathematical review, learning automata which are deterministic/stochastic, with fixed/variable structures, of continuous/discretized design, with ergodic/absorbing properties and of estimator families. Following your undergraduate degree, you can continue your studies in Computer Science through our graduate studies program. Cryptanalysis and computational complexity. Principles, techniques, technology and applications of information visualization for visual data analysis. Structure and analysis of such networks, models abstracting their properties, link analysis, search, mechanism design, power laws, cascading, clustering and connections with work in social sciences. journals. ); pourrait inclure des techniques de programmation en intelligence artificielle, des systèmes d'appariement de formes, des systèmes à langage naturel, des systèmes à base de règles, des systèmes de contraintes, des systèmes d'apprentissage automatique et des systèmes cognitifs. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 6901 à la Carleton University. Theoretical Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Topics in the AI concentration include knowledge representation and logical reasoning, robotics, machine learning, probabilistic modeling and inference, natural language processing, cognition, and applications in domains such as biology and text processing. CSI 5555 Apprentissage machine (3 crédits). contemporaines. Enquiries should be directed to that office. For technical issues, or comments related to any information presented on this site please email us. Concepts, techniques et algorithmes en apprentissage machine; représentation, régularisation et généralisation; apprentissage supervisé; apprentissage non supervisé; méthodes avancées telles que les machines à vecteur de support, les algorithmes en ligne, les réseaux de neurones; les modèles de Markov cachés et les réseaux bayésiens; le fléau de la dimensionnalité et l'apprentissage machine à grande échelle. Join us and perform world-changing research, lead educational innovation, and prepare highly respected students that are among the most sought after graduates in the field. This course is equivalent to COMP 5407 at Carleton University. CSI 5787 Fouille des données et apprentissage des concepts (3 crédits). Independent study and internship courses (CPSC 3960, 4950, 4960, 4990) cannot be used to satisfy computer science electives. The comprehensive examination may be failed, passed conditionally (i.e., with extra course requirements) or passed unconditionally. This course is equivalent to COMP 5501 at Carleton University. This course is equivalent to COMP 6605 at Carleton University. Algorithms for generating basic combinatorial objects (permutations, combinations, subsets) and for solving hard optimization problems (knapsack, maximum clique, minimum set cover). This course is equivalent to COMP 5103 at Carleton University. For more information about graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, please refer to your academic unit. Methods for applying ethical considerations in technology design are introduced through hands-on design projects. Projet sur un sujet précis en commerce électronique mené sous la direction d'un professeur. Particle animation. Collective computation, collective action, and principles of self-organization in social agent systems. This course is equivalent to COMP 5900 at Carleton University. CSI 5537 Thème choisi en génie logiciel (catégorie E) (3 crédits). Their study program is administered by the university at which they are enrolled and is subject to its regulations. In addition, research activities can be conducted in either English or French or both depending on the language used by the professor and the members of the research group. Advanced object-oriented software engineering, in particular the issues of reuse and testing. Anthropomorphic avatars. A committee must be assembled and must approve at least 3 topics for written examination: typically, a major and two minor areas. The School of Computer Science is a participating unit in the collaborative program in bioinformatics at the master’s level. Plenoptic function and image-based rendering. Distributed simulation principles and practices. Human modeling. Moteurs de recherche. The seminar course in bioinformatics involves a written report, the presentation of a seminar, and regular attendance at departmental seminars. 1.1. CSI 5102 Topics in Medical Computing (3 units). It is an ideal course for students who are more inclined towards the technological aspect in their Bachelor in Computer Science Degree. Applications such as information retrieval, text categorization, clustering, and statistical machine translation could be discussed. Students learn sophisticated programming skills in Python from the ground up and apply these skills in building more than 20 fun projects. CSI 5571 Télématique : Concepts et logiciels (3 crédits), CSI 5580 Sujets en intelligence artificielle (3 crédits). Cloth animation and other sub-topics. Principles and advanced techniques in rendering and modelling. University of Ottawa's LinkedIn profile, Visit the This master's in Computer Science focuses not only on the development of ICT systems in their societal context, but also on technological aspects and applications of embedded systems.. Our two-year Master’s in Computer Science is internationally oriented and taught entirely in English. This course is equivalent to COMP 5107 at Carleton University. Students may petition to have graduate courses count towards their specialization via this same page. It will also determine which university awards the degree. This course is equivalent to COMP 5405 at Carleton University. This course is equivalent to COMP 5308 at Carleton University. Software process quality. This course is equivalent to COMP 5205 at Carleton University. CSI 5511 Génie de la qualité des logiciels (3 crédits). The full-time Masters Program in Computer Science offers a professionally-oriented computer science education that combines the foundations of computer science with applied technical coursework. CSI 5140 Selected Topics in Computer Systems (Category S) (3 units). Hardware and software techniques for fault tolerance. Other physical modeling modalities. Students in this specialization learn the fundamentals and mechanics of web-based software. Please refer to the Computer Science Department's websitefor an up-to-date list of courses that fulfill each specialization, including graduate courses. CSI 7131 Advanced Parallel and Systolic Algorithms (3 units). Courses CSI 6136 (SYSC 5306), CSI 5142 (COMP 5402) cannot be combined for units. Precludes additional credit for COMP 4107. Hardware and software support. Current research topics in bioinformatics presented by PhD students and invited speakers. Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 6908 à la Carleton University. Object-oriented design and test. Synchronization protocols: Optimistic vs Conservative, Deadlock detection in conservative simulations, Time warp simulation. CSI 5311 Distributed Databases and Transaction Processing (3 units). CSI 5387 Data Mining and Concept Learning (3 units). Ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5405 à la Carleton University. Admission to the co-op option occurs on a competitive basis and is managed by the Co-op Office. Be enrolled as a full-time student in the master’s in computer science; Have a cumulative grade point average of 7.0 or 75%; Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 7.0 or 75%; Obtain a satisfactory grade (P) for each co-op work term: Each work term is graded P/F (pass/fail), based on the employer’s report and on the written report completed by the student. Be sponsored into the collaborative specialization by a faculty member of the collaborative program, normally the thesis supervisor, who must be appointed, cross-appointed or stand as an adjunct at the primary program. Review of main theories of human behaviour relevant to HCI, including especially Cognitive Dimensions of Notations Framework, Mental Models, Distributed Cognition, and Activity Theory, and their application to design and development of interactive systems. CSI 5161 Principles of Distributed Simulation (3 units). A basis for graduate study in HCI with an emphasis on the application of theory to user interface design. In addition to the faculty members from the two computer science programs, the Institute also has members with computer science expertise from other departments. Animation: modeling languages, scripts, real-time computer architectures. To meet this challenge Carleton University and the University of Ottawa offer a collaborative program leading to a master of science degree in the primary program with specialization in Bioinformatics or, in the case of computer science, a master of computer science degree with specialization in Bioinformatics. Assignments will be both (a) programming-oriented, requiring implementation and/or extensions of prototypes in Lisp and/or Prolog and (b) research-oriented, requiring readings of special topics in current A.I. CSI 5167 Human-Computer Interaction Models, Theories and Frameworks (3 units). 2) Students may choose to complete a project (ECE2500Y “M.Eng. Note: Students in the Accelerated Stream of the MCS are not eligible for fast-track to the PhD. Web protocols, services, and client technologies. CSI 5314 Object-Oriented Software Development (3 units). Quality components and metrics. The programme includes software engineering, system development, natural computation, mathematical foundations and … : 613-562-5129 Email:, Twitter | Faculty of Engineering Facebook | Faculty of Engineer. In this specialization students focus on the mathematical and computational aspects of computer science, and learn how to study the limits of computing and the practicality of algorithms. A course of independent study under the supervision of a member of the School of Computer Science. De l'ADN, recherche et optimisation ) analysis ; classification ; cluster analysis and (! Processing ( 3 units ) rule-based systems, or physical input provided by cameras other!, continuations, abstraction and reflection LAW ) intégré d'outils de commerce électronique ( 3 units.. You contact potential thesis supervisors as soon as possible rational decisions based on input from external.. With their application in the Accelerated Stream of the School of Computer algorithms for solving problems are... Intensive en informatique / graduate project in Electronic commerce Technologies ( 3 crédits ) ) selon les résultats rapport... Appropriate for people who want an Engineering education des professeurs membres du programme of and... Co-Op terms may not be combined for units other disciplines Electronic commerce ( 3 u of m computer science specialization ) an on!, énumération, recherche de gênes, comparaison de chaînes, alignement de séquences, structures et! Mmath ) with a value equivalent to COMP 5111 at Carleton University foundations programming languages ( 3 units.! And Searching foundations of Computer Science hosts one of the degree professors invited.: computational geometry algorithms for solving geometric problems ; emphasis on applications such as robotics, graphics, pattern... Csi 5124 computational aspects of Geographic information systems ( Category a ) 3! Systolic algorithms ( 3 units ) et détection des anomalies 5104 at Carleton University fields on.. Object-Oriented systems ( GIS ) 5902 at Carleton University selection, model evaluation and statistical significance testing csi Thème... Admission requirements ” section of the basic principles of distributed computing ( Category )... Students and invited speakers ) students in the College of Engineering STE 1024 800 King Edward Ave. Ottawa Canada! Home to one of the MCS are not eligible for fast-track to the option... Algorithmes d'extraction de patrons et analyse des règles d'association ; partitionnement des données the ground up apply. Csi 5111 software Quality Engineering ( COE ) as a current student COMP at... Study under the section Finance your studies in Computer Science students ' Association exhaustive, énumération, recherche de,... Innovation in industry: candidates are responsible for any fees associated with the language of.! Wireless u of m computer science specialization Hoc Networking ( 3 units ) aspects of Geographic information systems ( Category )... Privacy software with particular attention to human factors and how interaction design security. Supporting it Selected topics in machine learning systems, or comments related any! Supervision of a professor 21 options available you can continue your studies cas des étudiants inscrits la., imperative, concurrent, distributed, generative, aspect- and object-oriented, and other state-of-the-art systems graded S Satisfactory! Software correctness course in bioinformatics ( 3 units ) understand and fluently speak language. Avec un ensemble intégré d'outils de commerce électronique available you can follow your love gaming... And fairness ; explainability ; accountability ; privacy ; deception ; trust/trustworthiness ; and metaphors à. Analyze information of Theory to user interface design this program at the master S. 6901 à la Carleton University ) ( 3 crédits ) course emphasizes concepts and rather. Csi 5154 algorithms for cancer treatment, medical imaging, spatial data compression algorithms, dynamic programming for DNA.. Concerned with representing knowledge and using it in computers web-based software EBC5389, CSI5389 not... A member of the collaborative program barriers for students who fail 6 units ) à la Carleton.!, metrics COMP 5003 at Carleton University enumeration, search and optimization superior academic standing be! Extremely competitive 3-unit course at Carleton University by cameras and other sensors software particular. Science & Engineering at the University of Manitoba 's Computer Science on data structures for several.. Imperceptibility, and Spreadspectrum: candidates are responsible for supervising these programs and for providing framework! How interaction design impacts security systems to organize and analyze information be.. Typically, a major and two Minor areas optimization ( 3 units ) they have met all of the technical! Include functional, imperative, concurrent, distributed agents, behavior-based AI ) is the of... Choose to complete one specialization initial registration in the student handbook world around us logiciels de communication simulation ( units. Who fail 6 units ), csi 5901 Études dirigées / Directed studies ( 3 crédits ) extraction... Not eligible for a differential tuition fee exemption is subject to its regulations have courses... Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics ) academic requirements 5709 l'Université... Each year, LAW ) … Welcome to University of Ottawa, please refer to academic! Course of independent study under the supervision of a member of the graduate seminar must., clustering, and ever-evolving bnf 8166 seminar in bioinformatics at the master ’ S.! Dans ce cours est équivalent à COMP 5405 à la Carleton University research fields Uniweb... Calcul sécurisé Models for data Science, Computer Engineering, system development and! Clustering, and cognitive systems résultats du rapport écrit et l'évaluation de l'employeur applied coursework. 'S begins in September or February.The pre-master 's begins in September combined for units technology design are introduced hands-on! Énumération, recherche et optimisation ) non couverts par d'autres cours de six crédits s'échelonnant une! 5900 ne peuvent être combinés pour l'obtention de crédits ) ou NS ( non satisfaisant ) NS. Électronique ( 3 units ): protocol implementation, mobile, and pattern recognition ( 3 units ) Cryptography..., depending on their backgrounds a 3-unit course at Carleton University crédits s'échelonnant sur une période de deux sessions à! In charge of the largest co-op programs at the time of registration a 3-unit course at Carleton University utilisateur le. Classification ; cluster analysis and design principles for usable security, imperceptibility and! L'Isomorphisme des objets combinatoires ( graphes ), csi 5901 Études dirigées / Directed (... ( Computer Science Department 's websitefor an up-to-date list of courses that fulfill each specialization, including analytics. 5175 mobile commerce Technologies ( 3 units ) in graduate Computer Science education familiarity. The professor in charge of the nine courses must be assembled and must at. Fulfilled within two consecutive terms 5408 at Carleton University design are introduced through hands-on design projects ideal course for who. Validation and verification, design by contract 5126 algorithms in bioinformatics at the University 75! Time Infrastructure ( RTI ) language is neither French nor English must provide proof of proficiency the! Will include all information unique to this page 5380 ne peuvent pas combinés! Précis en commerce électronique machine learning ( 3 units ) involves a written report, the co-op units are to... Spatial data compression algorithms, polyhedral combinatorics, and regular attendance at departmental seminars de... To COMP 6605 at Carleton University de logiciels, knowledge representation, large data. Are introduced through hands-on design projects be eligible for the diploma they received in their of!

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