Chakhao, the aromatic black rice of Manipur being cultivated for centuries with traditional practices, was recently awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. It has cultural and traditional significance to the people of Manipur and other parts of Northeast India where no celebration is complete without a delicious serving of black rice. It is perfect for exotic dessert as Kheer or Eat as normal or add in diiferent varieties of tasty recipe. Meira’s products are well accepted and trusted brand of Manipur’s packed food items. be the highest in Manipur black rice (3.47 mg/g). The paddy is harvested after 110 days of plantation and a fragrance emerges during its flowering. The Chakhao Amubi is one type of sticky black rice that is indigenous to Manipur. Manipur black rice gets Geographical Indication tag The GI has tag great potential to play a major role in trade and there is a possibility of preserving … Rs 200 / Kilogram (Approx) MOQ : 100 Kilogram. Looks like, … Aug 27,2010 - Healthier Black Rice Could Be the Next Food Trend The per kilogram price of paddy is Rs 85 and after processing, it comes for Rs 160. After cooking, the black hue turns … Meira’s products are produced by well trained women of Manipur under the strict supervision of technical experts in the fields of fruit and vegetable processing. The prime constraint against the spread of black rice is that, as of now, it covers just about 10 per cent of the total cultivated rice area in Manipur. According to official sources, Manipur black rice which is popularly known as ‘Chakhao’ by the locals has bagged the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. Consumption of black-pigmented rice detoxifies the body. Apart from that black rice is great to help prevent obesity, diabetes as well as cardiac issues. Get latest info on Black Rice, Forbidden Rice, Purple Rice, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Black Rice prices for buying. Black rice is known as chak-hao in Manipur, where desserts made from black rice are served at major feasts. Moreover, the Geographical Indications Registry website also confirmed the report of registering Chakhao in the name of ‘Manipur black rice… The unusual colour makes black rice very popular for exotic desserts This grain is low in fat, rich in fibber, full of protein and antioxidants, with essential vitamins and minerals ... Organic Delight Black Rice from Manipur,900 Gram. Another rice that variety that is becoming popular is Bora rice … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Brands: Black Rice. Required fields are marked * The bran hull (outermost layer) of black rice contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanins found in food. Here we are start to cultivation in month of June to July and Harvesting start in month of November to December middle.. Circa Group of Industry supplying Organic Black Rice sticky and Seed from Manipur state India. Proportionately, in vitro antioxidant activity was higher in Manipur black rice with RSA value 90.0% and IC-50 value 6.8 mg/ml. This glutinous rice variety is called Chakhao Amubi. It is widely known as a rich source of anti-oxidants, fiber and proteins. It is highly content of medicinal Property into Black rice. Meira Foods Pineapple Rings in Syrup- 500g, Meira Foods Soya and King Chilli Pickles- 250g. The product has been tasted across the globe and appreciated for its unique taste. Black rice (also known as purple rice Forbidden Rice is a range of rice types of the species Oryza sativa Linn some of which are glutinous rice.Varieties include Indonesian black rice and Thai jasmine black ric Black rice is known as chak-hao in Manipur,where desserts made from black rice are served at major feasts. Till now, Manipur is the highest producer of black rice in the North East. Whoever have tasted our product asked for more and promoted our product by gifting to their loved ones thus becoming the promoter of our products. Gorakhpur terracotta have bagged the Geogrphical Indication ( GI ) tag to the presence of. Review now to get coupon! ‘Chakho’ means delicious while ‘Ambui’ means black. It is sourced from the farms of Manipur where the finest black rice with exotic aroma are found. The magical thing about black rice is that it can do all … In Bangladesh it is known as kalo dhaner chaal (black paddy rice) and used to make polao or rice-based desserts. It is indigenous growing as Traditional in Manipur. Meira Foods was established in the year 2004 in the month of January. IndiaMART. Meira Foods Pineapple Rings In Pineapple Juice- 500g, Be the first to review “Meira Foods Black Rice- 500g”. Your email address will not be published. Get Best Price. Black Rice (Traditional Kavuni Arisi) 500gmsTraditional Black Kavuni rice is actually more purplish in color than black.Black rice is a great substitute for traditional anti-oxidant rich foods.Anti-oxidant are also known to actively break down the nasty types of arterial plaque and chemically fight high cholesterol levels. It provides Quality food products of Manipur which not only tickle your taste buds but also enhance your immunity by adding extra vitamins to your daily diets. Black rice articles. Assistant General Manager of the APEDA, C. B. Singh, said 900 quintals (90 metric tonnes) of black paddy, which has anti-diabetic qualities, had been produced by a group of around 300 farmers in the Chandauli district. Manipur's Black Rice (Chakhao) gets Geographical Indication (GI) tag . Oct 21, 2010 - The Amazing Anti- Inflammatory Properties of Black Rice ; Sep 06, 2010 - Nutrition and Health benefits That Black Rice Offers ; Sep 06, 2010 - Black Rice: the Emperor's Rice ; Black rice in news. Your email address will not be published. In Manipur, it is generally served in special occasions and festive events. IndiaMART > Cereals & Food Grains > Rice > Black Rice. Aug 27,2010 - Is black rice the new brown? The per kilogram price of paddy is Rs 85 and after processing, it comes for Rs 160. These rice varieties are a great healthy option that can be added in your diet. Maibam Chingmang P.O Nambol, Bishnupur District Manipuri Nambol - 795134, Bishnupur, Manipur, India. Manipur rice usually sells at ₹30 per kg, but is currently being sold at ₹50 per kg. Cultivation Time: May to July Harvesting Time: Values are per cent of dry matter and each value is the mean of three replications Be the first to review “Meira Foods Black Rice- 500g” Cancel reply.

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