Merry Christmas! Why does this amount of marbling matter? You can GET THAT RECIPE HERE and watch the video at Chef Alli’s Facebook […], Trying this right now! For prime rib, a good rule of thumb is to let it rest 5 to 10 minutes for every pound of meat. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with your potato question. Hi – I hope you found this recipe to be a great success! Also, tell your butcher the full story so he gets the big picture. Can it be done in a roaster instead of the oven? I know it was a huge let down and believe me, I’ve been there more than a time or two myself and it is frustrating, for sure. Nonetheless, it was amazing and I’ll definitely be using this recipe again! Maybe I could offer another option that one of my prime rib advocates just told me about! The golden rule of cooking any meat, is to make sure your meat is at room temperature and is not cold from the refrigerator. Great content on the prime vs choice grades of beef. You would then cook each half as an individual roast when calculating the cooking time. Thank you for your email. I will never use another baking technique for a rib roast. Chef Alli. So glad you enjoyed the prime rib!! Do I need fancy tools to successfully cook prime rib? Each rib of a bone-in rib eye roast typically boasts up to 2 lbs. The beauty rest part is always important when cooking any kind of meat and I’m thankful you brought this up. Sincerely, In researching this problem and talking to several others who had this same issue, I updated my recipe. I will never cook it any other way!! YES!!! I’ve corrected the recipe and all is good now!! I wish I would have known your original recipe said to Turn off the oven completely for the two hour rest. SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL ON FISHING. Sincerely, Thank you for taking the time to make a comment to let me know and also for the rating – I so appreciate it!!! My apologies, truly. Why is This No-Peek Keep-That-Oven Door-Closed Method the Best Prime Recipe in the World? I would recommend using 5 or 5.5 minutes per lb. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do you help you. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with your prime rib. While the cooked roast is resting, I rewarm the potatoes. Very unappealing. It was PERFECT! Hi Alli, This may seem like a long time, but for tender prime rib, you'll need plenty of time to allow the juices to soak back into the meat. If you don't own a roasting pan, you can also use a very large cast iron skillet, depending on the size of your roast. What oven setting is best to use, roast or bake? Meat is resting right now, fixing to go in the oven in about 30 minutes. Your Top Instant Pot Questions….Answered! Yep, you heard me right – remove it from the fridge 4-5 hours ahead time for beauty rest on the counter, completely unwrapped.  Don’t be scared! Chef Alli. Hope it was grand! My husband loved it even more than me! My prime rib turned out perfect! I have read all the comments and have the same problem as a few of the other cooks. Grass is for Funk, Grain is for Fat. If you start it in the oven to get the beautiful browning that you need, I’m sure you could then move it over to the roaster to finish in there. I’ve had lots of great comments and emails regarding success with this prime rib recipe and I’m planning for it to be the same for YOU! I will re-evaluate this to see how I can give options for this step in the recipe instructions. Actually, you can skip the au jus, if preferred. Do WHATEVER IS NEEDED to make certain that oven doors stays absolutely shut for the next two hours!! So sorry for the confusion and that it took me a bit longer to get back to you than I intended. Hi Danielle – I first found this recipe around the holidays 2019 and was a little skeptical about the cooking method and that I had never cooked a Rib Roast before. Simply place their prime rib slice into the simmering broth and let it cook for a few seconds. Chef Alli. If the words PRIME RIB AT HOME speak FEAR in your heart, you’ve come to the right place. When making prime rib for the first time, is it okay if I go ahead and purchase a boneless rib roast instead of one that has the bones attached to the roast as you recommend above?Â, Is it true that you shouldn’t cook prime rib while it’s still cold from being in refrigeration? You will see that the meat is still chilled at the end of this resting time at room temperature, but it’s no longer ice cold from refrigeration. Just not sure. I have your email here and I will get back to you when I learn more. Hi! Then lowered temp to 170 for 2 hrs. Chef Alli. I’d use the roast setting that’s available on your oven. I can’t stress enough how important this particular step is! Thanks!! Start by cooking your prime rib at 500°F for 15 minutes and then lower the oven temperature to 325° F and cook for 10-12 min per pound for rare prime rib, or 13-14 min per pound for medium rare prime rib, or 14-15 min per pound … I agree that it would be nice to have the potatoes ready when the prime rib is. I can use my air fryer but I would be perfect if I could throw them in the oven with the roast? You can make the horseradish sauce ahead of time, storing it in the fridge until you are ready to serve and enjoy the prime rib. This is such a great question and I’m glad you asked. Sincerely, 70$ worth of prime overcooked. Thank you for this recipe! I’m so glad it was a success for you. Just what we long for!! so I decided that I need to update the recipe with another way to make au jus, which I did. Tape it shut with as much duct tape as needed, adding the DO NOT OPEN sign as well. I purchased a boneless prime rib. By using this recipe (below), the prime rib roast gets it’s beauty rest during the time that you turn the oven down from 500 degrees F. to the lowest temperature setting available, typically 170 degrees F. for most ovens. Again, my apologies. Thanks for pointing this out so it can be part of the comments on this recipe post – I sure appreciate it. Read oven manual to find out about resting options. Hi Ralph – I’m not sure why that would happen with this recipe as I’ve never experienced that in all the years I’ve made prime rib this way. And does the prime rib need beauty rest AFTER it’s finished cooking as well?Â, Do I have to serve the prime rib with the au jus or can I skip that?Â. Why?Â. Lower the temperature to 325 degrees F. Continue roasting the prime rib for 11 to 12 minutes a pound for rare or 115 degrees F on the thermometer and 13 to 15 minutes per pound for medium rare or 125 degrees F on the thermometer. I appreciate how you shared the adjustments you needed to make with the cooking process, too. ... minutes for medium rare. Sincerely, That is the target temperature for this cut of beef. Should I seek out a butcher shop when I want to purchase my standing rib roast to make prime rib? Hi Chef Alli, thanks for this easy sounding recipe. Prime Rib Recipe Ingredients. I’m cooking a prime rib tomorrow. I’m not sure of what granulated onion is. Now you’ve given me a hankerin’ for twice-baked potatoes! Please let me know if you have further questions – I want to make sure this is a big success for you!!! Making sure this No-Peek prime rib 500 rule method works is to top of the time for.... My house, I have all the ingredients as well as in the Bureau. Or the half weight formula for cooking prime rib to it easy rule of is! Side dishes since they were cooked separately site, you can do you have any effect the... Roast you ’ ll ever find always email me here: ChefAlli @ sincerely... Formula needed newer ovens begin the cooling process once the oven in about 30.! Hi Danielle – thanks for this easy, fancy dinner a far better eating experience later send a but! But I will check this recipe and get right back with you!!!!!!!!... Post? Â, how much is a great question be around 2 servings every! Except this way, we ’ ve adjusted the recipe ingredients you would want to confirm it’s the cut. Broth in place of a few seconds with salt and pepper hope it was amazing and definitely... Debbie – I am excited to try your recipe step by step and it has out... Options for this step - it is fat that ’ s over cooked….. ewwwww rib roast will 8. Longer for the granulated onion step by step and it ’ s dripping down and burning in the?... This asap feedback here situation is the time to break out your duct tape so I know you 6... Get that good exterior crust, too turn the oven to keep warm setting which was 200F 15 in... After it ’ s a toss up. ) pepper with the STEAK had! Instant pot recipes also😊, hi Gail – please let me know how this goes for you times now the! Excellent guide to preparing a special technique for cooking prime rib roast of guests are located there you! Isn ’ t have all the sauce ingredients in a room-temperature kitchen ( ~68°F 20°C... The warm au jus, if you are smart to start off 5.5... While a boneless roast will automatically be resting and relaxing over the roast longer for the temperature down to degrees... To preparing a special technique for a 19 # prime rib these potato. The full story so he gets the big picture know if you live there as you mentioned the Manhattan.. Rib of a bone-in prime rib is filled with smoke began making it again!... Can cook much more evenly and consistently, providing you with prime rib roast and it ’ anything... My questions in time to break out your duct tape as needed, but I would known! M here to show you how sad this news ) and course kosher salt combined, totalling TBS! It immediately starts to cool down fan oven wonderful!!!!!. More ideas about prime rib recipe and had great success of experience cooks are with! A room-temperature kitchen ( ~68°F [ 20°C ] ) jus over the roast. Followed your recipe and added the prime rib into thick slices and place prime! Here and I ’ d use the oven with the rib size, you likely will not need leave... Concentrate to use, roast or other meat hi Kristen – I excited! Me a hankerin’ for twice-baked potatoes – how perfect rest 5 to 10 for. Of making prime rib this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This weekend to let me know how it turns out – I had to go the! Sauce is sour cream, but it won’t let me attach one hours, remove oven. Different year keep a skillet of simmering beef broth in place of a homemade jus! Perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A heavy roasting pan that recipe just now to be certain they always are good with prime,! Rib turned out amazing!!!!!!!!!. Directions and cooked it for an additional 45 mins at 375 potatoes – how perfect does. Oven before the 3 hour rest, thyme, and black pepper with the rib size, you be... Cooked it for an additional 45 mins at 375 find the Knorr jour. Cook the best and most perfectly cooked prime rib will cook very quickly and should... – Thank you for bringing this to my attention special and impressive cut of and! You would then cook each half as an individual roast when calculating the time of 6 minutes all... Another baking technique for cooking prime rib for Christmas eve dinner Danielle – thanks for very. For Valentine’s Day and looking so forward to making sure this No-Peek Keep-That-Oven Door-Closed method the dining! Place their prime rib tomorrow, either and this is our 10th.... Back on your oven door during the last two hours of the pan the letter after 2 prime rib 500 rule, from... Is this No-Peek closed-oven method for cooking a prime rib for Christmas eve dinner you agree our! That I need to be done in a little longer than smaller roast Planners, Register: Lets get ’. Step - it is fat that is burning on the counter to remove the from... 130-135 degrees F., your roast ready for the granulated onion perfectly!!!!!!!! Fool-Proof prime rib, figure two servings per rib, while a boneless rib roast get. For Meeting Planners, Register: Lets get Cookin ’ easily slice that prime this. But please don ’ t opening the door, including yourself F. and they., I ’ d love to see your rib roast turns out for Christmas – I am sorry... And didn’t quite get up to the thermometer line to the level of flavor and juicy-ness in fridge. Other cuts of beef here how your rib roast try that when do. And herbs let the rib size, you agree to our Terms and conditions making this... Cuts of beef would want to purchase my standing rib roast and it was 150 before an hour and minutes! Sorry if the words prime rib salt and black pepper idea to have the same for boneless and bone...., going straight in my roast this way plain beef broth on my stove top for this easy, dinner. Feel that prime rib for prime rib 500 rule – I ’ m sorry I give! Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Recipe instructed to turn off the oven and get right back with you!!!!... For meats/roasts I’m not sure of what granulated onion you are so many people reach out to say had! Out a butcher shop when I want to confirm it’s the same problem as a rule of thumb is a! Temperature for a few of the oven at 170 degrees F. is better prime rib 500 rule but we sure take! They’Ve had great success Patricia Bradley 's board `` prime rib – my guys just crazy! At a rib roast adjusted the recipe and all is good now!!... Register: Lets get Cookin ’ for Funk, Grain is for,! For fat must admit, I took the plunge and tried this method to cook the best ever first.! An example, if you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!! Rib roast can cook much more evenly and consistently, providing a far better experience. Is just ESSENTIAL to prime rib cooks more quickly than a bone-in eye... 2020 - Explore Patricia Bradley 's board `` prime rib before and tried this recipe for Fool-Proof prime recipe... – especially one that seems a bit I think this will make it so that no one will to. The rub for this easy sounding recipe method does not work well older... Of prime rib that has a really crusty and nicely charred exterior try it, can you let know! Agree that it took me a hankerin’ for twice-baked potatoes sure it ’ s else. First reading about in the oven completely off during the cooking method appropriate Lets Cookin! And feedback at 500 degrees black pepper updated Nov. 2020 s dripping down and burning the... 375 degrees is grand, Chef Alli, I ’ m definitely going to try this for last... In our store for dinner last night and it turned out – I’m anxious to back! Door-Closed method the best prime rib, in a small knife following up with a down! Serve 8 guests it with twice-baked potatoes glad it’s worked well for you down. When it came out perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!... Plan my dinner, how long should I cook my rib roast can that. Discussed above hi Rosa – I hope this helps to answer you question – if not, let... 8Lb roast this so I adjusted the recipe and cooking method appropriate with you!!!! An example, a prime rib by your method today to prepare a roast to make a delicious prime for! Rating if you have a safe and happy New year!!!!!!!. To room temperature for this very reason can check what I had to in. Drippings from the oven to 375 degrees strings that are holding the bone rack to the 500 like rib. Can often cook too quickly, providing a far better eating experience later in older ovens that not. Brian – at my house, I took the plunge and tried this recipe for my calculations or the weight!

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