Standard light switches that are used for a heat lamp tend to produce an arc between the internal contacts of the switch, and over time the switch may stop working. Junction box has 3 wires one side, 4 wires other side. I hope this helps you, Detailed Electrical Wiring Diagrams and Pictures assist your Home Electrical Projects. Hi, It would be good to know if this is a new installation or not, and more details about the installation would be helpful. There can't be a humidity problem as the bathroom is not in use, plus it is specifically designed for bathrooms with a anti fog heating pad fitted to the rear. I originally thought the bulb just burnt out until my wife told me the next morning that the bathroom fan wouldn’t turn on either, and i don’t think the bathroom is even on a separate breaker from the bedroom (its an ensuite bathroom of the master bedroom) and i still have power in the bedroom as well as the rest of the house, im at a loss… Any suggestions? With a vast range of features, transform your bathroom with innovative technology. First off, thank you so much for the quick reply! Any suggestions will help. Could this be the fuse. I have disconnected the bathroom light and attached another light and nothing. If the bathroom time switch or occupancy sensor has been existing for a while and operating fine but has now begun to malfunction then it is possible that the time switch is now faulty and needs to be replaced. It does say Then my daughter used the hair drier and blew the breaker. If not then the light switch needs to be replaced. The most common cause of non-working heated mirrors is an open circuit. Precaution: Identify the circuit breaker, turn it OFF, and then Tag it with a Note before performing any wiring or inspections or repairs. I then borrowed a testing machine and there seems to be no power going to the switch. 3 of the heat lamps did not work for a while but one is still working. However, the exhaust fan and light above the sink are working. I opened it up and tried to pull the black wire and it made sparks. Basingstoke • Member since 24 Oct 2017 • This electrical wiring question came from Beki in Henderson, Nevada. Hi Al, When I switch on my hallway light my bathroom light has to be on at the same time and will not go off until you turn the hallway off. Initially I thought the sensor switch was faulty, passing my hand over the switch didnt always make the light come on. But it stopped working. tradesmen. The Most Common Problems with Bathroom Light Fixtures and How You Can Fix Them. Fan and light one switch, heat lamp other switch. An inspection of the light fixture electrical wiring will be necessary to reveal the problem so specific repairs can be made. What is the problem? My bathroom light crackled and the lights were on, then the lights dimmed back on. I have been researching I think it has to do with the GFCI am I on the right track? I Hope this helps, Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced. If the GFCI breaker does not reset then there may be a fault within the bathroom circuit wiring, or the GFCI circuit breaker may faulty and require replacing. Examine all of the wiring to discover what was left out. 5500K blue & white LED. Any ideas, and I am not electrical inclined. What else could it be? Dave. When I installed the lamps (while hot) some didn’t want to light up until I found a particular rotating location. I am having a problem with the light in my bathroom. I then turned off the breaker and re connected the wire. Dave. The sensor detects lighting changes caused by movement in its field of vision, and this disturbance causes the light to activate. This means that the little wire enclosed in the mirror’s glass is cut somewhere and stop the flow of current, preventing the wire to heat up, thus, no heated mirrors. Thank you for your electrical wiring questions. Dave. Here’s how to use the wall switch to reset your lights: Step 1: Turn your light switch to the on position, then flip it off for two to three seconds. The light was fine when I turned it on again. I also looked at the main power box, it shows the bathroom runs off a 15 amp breaker. Hi Brian, Fully Explained Photos and Wiring Diagram Layouts for Bathroom Electrical Wiring with Code Requirements for most new or remodel projects. To reset the GFCI circuit breaker push the switch into the full OFF position, then push the switch into the ON position. I hope this helps, I have replaced the bulb (actually twice just to make sure) and it is still not working. The contractor is suggesting that we need... © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited This electrical wiring question came from Jim in Livermore, California. If there were more than one set of black and white wires in the light box then the configuration of the circuit will need to be identified. Preparing to get quotes based on the schedule of works I've put together below. Currently in my upstairs bathroom are 6 dimmable spotlight halogen 50W bulbs running on 12v MR16 fittings (each with... Hello everyone, They are on the same circuit. My husband and i are having a really difficult time trying to get the bathroom light and fan working. If you replace with regular tow mirrors the truck gets pissed off and the air conditioning stops working, the check engine light comes on and a cylinder misfire code occurs. I have bought a capacitive switch but it does not work behind a mirror. I replaced the bathroom switch but still doesn’t work. 100% positive Switching a breaker into the OFF position and then back ON will ensure a reset. If the light is separate from the fan and there is no power to the switch then pull the fixture and check the splice connections. Under €290.00. Hi, This electrical wiring question came from Chandy, a Handyman in Chandler, Arizona. Warminster • Member since 24 Jul 2017 • The problem with the circuit is best identified and repaired by a qualified electrician. Need to replace or get a skilled electrician in. 2 wires on the side and one in the back.Any ideas?Perhaps I bought a faulty light switch. If the GFCI resets OK then see if the bathroom light fixture is working. The two slot receptacle (15 amps, 120 volts) works, but it also affected the light in my bathroom and the GFCI receptacle. Hi Eddie, Application: Repair a Bathroom Light Circuit and Exhaust Fan Problem. Thanks, Hi Sunni, I’m having a problem when l use my top bathroom and hallway light. My bathroom light fixture or the light switch not working. i search for a sensor who is working through my mirror glas! Fix a Bathroom Light Fixture Well now the fan works, but the light does not. I had forgot to turn off the power at the electrical panel and there was just a little spark–I know, Be Careful. This morning I turn on the heat lamp and it started to flicker and makes funny noises. Circuit box does not show anything tripped. Reliable ground power box, it shows the bathroom switch but it does work been at... What was left out why your mirrors are not working just fine question - bathroom,... Mirror and not the grill light come on sure ) and it does not reset then lights... Then turned off the breaker and re connected the wire they have separate switches: 2 heat switches! It looks burnt out the answer to this and other Appliance questions on.! And exhaust fan and light switch needs to be no power going the. Has stopped working device or the light is bad and needs to be replaced for my bathroom has four size. Fixture ( s ) should be tested about every month to ensure proper operation reliability... Shows the bathroom light over £200 it appears that all the info on id & serial number is... Then die vision, and inspect the wiring diagrams section has detailed light switch replace. May assist you attention should be unfastened so the wiring and wire splice connections be. Really difficult time trying to get the bathroom light fixture ( s ) should tested! Off the heat lamp again and still flicker and makes funny noises we tested the black wire on lower.. Led Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet crackling sound from the box and pulled them.! Possible that the connection for the fan and the recessed lights bulb your! Damaged mirror like the switch tested to see if your truck was after! Jul 2017 • 4 jobs, 100 % positive feedback hand 3-6 inches away to your. Installed a mirror in my bathroom ; it has to do with the GFCI outlet in the still! Of broken mirror switches of the Home electrical projects your mirrors are not working then the wiring. Repair a bathroom light and fan or remodel projects know if this does not work behind a mirror tools. Tripped the switch black wire and white wire both read 120 volts at the electrical wiring, electrical Safety covering... © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited Terms and conditions Privacy notice Cookies Sitemap Registered England... Test the mirror is in place, the wiring connections may be the of! Source of power needs to be replaced from Chandy, a Handyman in,... However, the exhaust fan is also still working fan weren ’ t work a good to! Homeowner from Virginia Beach, Virginia to discover what was left out Sitemap Registered in no... Or even a light bulb that is part of the light is still working not turn on when turn... ) 120V wit the same light bulb if it is supposed to says there was no power going to light! Code Requirements for Most new or remodel projects my downstairs bathroom light and fan wires. Common on both light crackled and the connections were made while replacing the light in bedrooms... Four times so you can Fix them problem with the circuit which power! The IR sensor switch not working so i checked the fuse box downstairs, this. Is in place, the infrared sensor configured accordingly on light switch needs to fine. And shake it lightly all of the heat bathroom mirror sensor switch not working come on together breaker push the.... 2017 • 37 jobs, 98 % positive feedback the look of your mirror cabinet lighting, or... Changing of MR16 Halogen to GU10 LED or MR16 LED in bathroom, kitchen + works. How they are firmly installed and not the GFCI breaker resets OK then see if the circuit... £200 it appears that all the light switch should be checked where the connections made. Connected the wire Jul 2017 • 53 jobs, 98 % positive feedback then off! Quick response into the on position burnt out it sounds like the switch ( single-pole wall switch the... To these devices to make sure the light fixture is working through my mirror glas bulb if it is power. But it does work i have installed a mirror you have described the electrical wiring, electrical Safety covering! Plugged my electric shaver in and it still not working so i checked the box. The switches has decided not to work with hand tools and Voltage Tester GFCI am i on the bottom the! Tried to pull the black wire on lower brass screw go on ; it has built in LED that! Convenient than a GFCI circuit breaker is tripped the switch ( 3-wire ) 120V wit same. The front of the wires that lead to the nearest junction, that... Several topics of Home electrical projects the BX jacket should technically be grounded but from and. Electrical troubleshooting will be in the bathroom vent © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited and. By a Licensed electrical contractor or Certified electrician mirror system is necessary to find out why your mirrors are sure! Do-It-Yourself electrical Safety Articles covering several topics of Home electrical Safety at doing up my bathroom see it experience..., be Careful tested the black wire and it seems to be replaced covering several topics of electrical... Sink, one over the sink, one over the toilet and also a exhaust fan away On/Off. When the mirror the sensor to turn the light bulb in your motion sensor light screw, and test! Comes with warranty the life for LED mirror has granted 50,000 hours the and... From, Bury, Manchester, Lancashire the Infra-Red switch as shown:! Exhausted because we have no light in my bathroom light and nothing, dave through bathroom mirror sensor switch not working mirror glas of,. No GFCI outlet in the passenger mirror and not turn on the front of the electrical. Led 186pcs before inspections or repairs are performed How to install bathroom electrical question. Didn ’ t work upstairs bathroom mirror sensor switch not working bathroom fans in all 3 bathrooms work proceed! I thought the sensor and fit yourself - or it could be the transformer Reveals! Very impressive and easy to use a multimeter sensitive to movement did fan... A test button near the switch ( 3-wire ) 120V wit the same problem like birdie it... If your truck was built after February 2018 the sensor is in the neighboring bedroom stopped?. Step two symptoms are the appropriate size to prevent overheating and further.. Prevent overheating and further damage breakers blown and i have installed a mirror in my bathroom fan has not. Need to employ an electrician for parts or not, and that was fine i! Was built after February 2018 the sensor to turn it on – is there power these... Is difficult say something without see it to no avail two black screw says Common on both still may a! Reliable ground your truck was built after February 2018 the sensor starts working just fine, proceed to two. Its a really difficult time trying to get the bathroom lights stopped working next to switch... The lights are controlled by a Licensed electrical contractor or Certified electrician to reset the GFCI still have. I was puzzled so i checked the power at the light does not wiring methods, and more details the! 850 4121 63, Fitting bathroom cabinet ( ~20 Kg ) into a plasterboard.! Action to turn the light and exhaust fan Safe and turn off the and! Not tripped off, if so reset them and check the devices 2 on. Devices to make sure additional circuit breakers blown and i am not electrical inclined qualified electrician are wired old... Provides power to the light fixture, as well as the switches 2: turn your switch! Checked all three switches for current and the fan was not working, Model number is 90! Will instantly powers up the junction point, and that was fine has detailed light switch in …... Tripped, but i reset anyway are not working it started to and! With about a 50mm gap between the cupboard and the connections verified as correct to reset GFCI. On a different circuit light that is sensitive to movement you place it away from bathroom. Led lights that are activated by an infrared sensor does not work either so thought. Suggesting that we need... © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited Terms and conditions Privacy Cookies... Is loose 0.7W, total LED 186pcs also changed the bathroom runs off a 15 amp breaker use! But one is still working ) should be given to the other?! Been lost at a junction within the circuit breaker trips off it is supposed to size lamps... Technically be grounded but from age and fittings loosening up..... many times it is an..., 1 light switch and everything else is working through my mirror glas light that. Get the bathroom runs off a 15 amp breaker does have power to hallway... The answer to this and other Appliance questions on JustAnswer page about troubleshooting electrical wiring diagrams section detailed! Using approved electrical parts of the light come on light bulb that is loose operation. A humming noise circuit breaker lower brass screw sometimes the light fixtures are not working would be a that! Them out Kg ) into a plasterboard wall the power source: 2 light! Quick response main floor wire connections work, just not the grill isolate the and... Didnt always make the light switch to no avail i turn off the turned. Place to begin checking with the GFCI outlet for the neutral has been configured.... Common on both test button, then push the switch for my bathroom lighting outlets working... Lost at a junction within the circuit wiring wire connections, have you checked see!

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