I bought Celerio zxi amt optional. I am talking about the engine and auto shift, not features. Vxi Celerio has all required features. Thanks. If budget is also not a constraint streamline your decision in terms of size of the car because Swift is bigger than Celerio and accommodating three rear passengers for long highway trips won’t be a hassle . Overall, Celerio has the best auto gear shift in this price range cars. Our Datsun Go completed its 4.5 years in January 2019,and we were quite bored with the old car.We were looking for a compact automatic car which could also be used by the ladies in the house.We zeroed in on the smallest automatic available in the Indian market...Alto K 10 AMT. Moreover, we'd suggest you to opt for the LXI optional variant of Celerio rather than installing airbags externally which would be an expensive task. i.e single din or double din. Speaking of built quality, its the same as expected from a maruti car. Since it is AMT, there is no frequent changing of gears, especially in city traffic. Please list out the particulars of the service so that I can help you better. Maruti Suzuki Celerio Zxi optional Mileage 21 kmpl The best option autocarexplore. Zxi amt is automated manual transmission also called Semi-Automatic Transmission or CMT Clutchless Manual Transmission and abs is anti-skid braking system used on land vehicles and aircraft. You can get factory fitted cng in celario tour H2,vxi models.That comes in manual transmission. abs.All the best sir.. Kelvin sorry for delyed response PL consider Ravi advise .around 50000/-extra you will get top end zxi, ZXI IS FULLY AUTOMATIC WHEREAS MT VERSION YOU HAVE TO SHIFT THE GEAR ONLY ACCORDING TO THE THE SPEED, THERE IS NO CLUTCH PADDLE. Santro is the best choice. Wagon R cng and celerio cng.30 plus its have a petrol option in it.so can switch in between. Maruti Celerio ZXI Optional features a boot space of 235-Litres, however, it misses out on a rear parking camera. The on-road price of the Maruti Suzuki Celerio for petrol version begins from Rs. Dealers said that Maruti have stopped manufacturing sirens which make noise, so it's pointless putting it. Although, twice an year is recommended. Even I have not seen a black Celerio in Mumbai, where I stay. The clutch plate gets worn out pretty soon. Maruti Suzuki claims 22 kmpl mileage which I feel is not at all possible. Yes, it comes with both CNG and petrol variants. many car modifiers with RTO approved. Category I am driving almost equally in City and Highways every month. Thanks. The Dzire is a compact sedan whereas the Celerio is a small family hatchback. Lot of body noise after some use. The official accessory available from maruti is the halogen unit. You can follow some basic rules to enhance the fuel efficiency. I would prefer with a Hyundai i10 Grand specifically because I have been using it for over 5 years without a hiccup. Thanks, Celerio automatic vxi 30 kilometres per litre, Yes, there are 2 variants in CNG. Cng really gives above 30kmperlitreif you fully fill a tank ...400rs it will run for 250plus10km in high range!!! However jamkash and Highland are mainly located in Pls visit the showrooms & take test drive to understand the drivability of both the cars. Stay tuned for further upadtes.Read More: -. Regular as he 8s usef to it. No change in appearance or engine performance. Cheers, Yeah it is but now with extra thousands you get better cars. Those are - Celerio X VXI, Celerio X VXI Optional, Celerio X AMT VXI, Celerio X AMT VXI Optional, Celerio X ZXI, Celerio X ZXI Optional, Celerio X AMT ZXI, Celerio X AMT ZXI Optional 6.What are the safety features available with Maruti Suzuki Celerio x BS6? The car has the best Automatic variant in this price range and works pretty good in City type driving, I will advice you to go for cng or zxi...cng variant gives me 26-28avg on cng...i drive every day 90 km a day...fully satisfy. No not at all. I would have, Nothing except year of manufacture and maybe resale value, NO, but can use Google Maps or HERE Maps for turn by turn Navigation (www******com), Amt has airbags ×2 and is not tested by me, The car already comes with 2 airbags from the company, Except power window, power stearing, electric OVRM, infotainment and ABS are not there. Vxi covers al.ost all necessary features. There is majorly a difference of Music system and speakers that comes in Zxi and not in Vxi MT. Reliability of engine is good, doesnt burn much oil even if the car is on CNG mode for months(good practice is to drive it on pertol for 15-20km once a week). there is lot of difference between my car and the car I drove(test). Satisfied.. but built quality is below par..not good for highways..at low rpms vibrations are felt...2nd gear too long ...these are its merits too ..low body weight and good mileage ...you can play at 2nd gear in city it's a boon..high ways CSN be managed if you put good seat covers. Thanks. Thank you. It wont give you problem but you may find some pickup manual gets better pickup ... No Stereo, you need to add it when you are buying it. However it gets the work done. Maruti suzuki celerio facelift review 2018 Celerio X - Duration: 5:32. I recently changed all 4 tires and hence my question.Thank you anyways for taking the time to answer my question.Regards. Otherwise while running on highways with fully loaded was never a problem . Compare Celerio ZXI AMT Optional with other variants to … Yeah ir would be celerios has a compact package with 3 cyl and suitable enough cooling systems, and amaze not just because a 4cyl engine but aesthetically was designed larger from the front. You will have to pay substantially more for them. I own Celerio manual vxi since 4 years and have driven 24000 km and have faced no problems at all. Check out Celerio ZXI (O) Model specifications, features and images. Yes, it will park in the same slot as your Alto. Amaze is also an excellent choice if ones compromises on mileage. On road prices of Maruti Celerio in New Delhi starts from ₹ 5.61 Lakh for base variant VXI CNG, while the top spec variant ZXI AMT Optional costs at ₹ 5.58 Lakh. Celerio(CNG) is a cheap and decent design, environment friendly. I get 14+ in city that too with bumper to bumper traffic drive and 18+ on higways. Maruti Celerio ZXI Optional features a boot space of 235-Litres, however, it misses out on a rear parking camera. Celerio is a also good but middle segment vehicle. Only if you are considering price, not quality. You go for Pioneer FH-S709BT Car Stereo (Double Din) + speaker 4 speaker will cost you around 13/14K its very nice, Depends on the brand of car sterio..only thing don't let the speakers compromise your boot space. You may be right. .Vxi doesn't have the above, Vxi does not have abs and airbags whereas in zxi the top end you will get all the features, Yes it has a passenger airbag and driver airbag and has a strong body in the amt version, No, but in optional variant have two air bags, From vXi model itself you got dual airbags. Maruti Celerio. There is no entertainment feature in this variant you can adjust 7 inch screen or simply player according to requirement, Yes dear it comes with both variants mannual or automatic and you can see 50000-60000 price variation in both variants. ZXI is top varriant & AGS is Auto Gear System. The car will not be that comfortable in long drive(s). 4,80,000. I am sure this car has the best auto transmission in this price range, An average service from an authorised dealer after the free services are over shall cost you around 3-3.5k per service after 7-8months, Per service maximum will be 7500 and Minimum will be 4000 average per service will be 5000. Besides auto would cost more initially and in maintenance later on. Maruti has a good resale value in market. I don't think so, there is no news like that and just now i mean last year they came out with new celerio model. Although, Celerio is a good car and has the best Automatic transmission in this price range. As an economical hatchback, Celerio gives a tough competition to rivals from Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet as well as from its parent company, Maruti Suzuki.VXi MT (O) happens to be one of the mid range trims that runs on a 1.0 litre 998cc petrol powertrain and yields a class leading mileage of 23.1 Kmpl. An no other problem ao far, Alto 800 good performance on City road , affordable.if needed boost to the performance Santro, Tiago , K10, Power windows,in built music system, rear wiper are present in zxi, while CNG dosent come in zxi model as far as i know. Tata has come up with good vehicles. It's ok in city with heavy traffic. Maruti Celerio VXI AMT is not equipped with rear wiper. GO FOR Zxi. It's too good if u drive on highways too good handling and enough power fir a average car and also gives good milage and it's also comfortable with 4 adults on long distances. As it will be cheap and choice can be made easily. No not discontinued you can check also auto expo 2020 reviews maruti Suzuki cars.. No not like that its porforming well even new model launche last 6 month back, No The diesel version stopped due to the rules of government but you can get a very good or bad second hand Celerio diesel, NO. In fact I found Celerio AMT more convenient for ramps and slopes because there's no manual clutch/manual gears to handle. There is always a 5+ / - on ARAI claim. You can also consider the Tiago for the same amount of money. 4534 is the most expensive. I owned Santr xing base model for ten years. Hi Rajendra!! Compare Celerio VXi AMT with other variants to support your purchase. As far as safety is concern the celerio is having a very light and fragile body shell. You can probably get them changed via shop near you instead of going to the authorized service station, will help you save some cost. Moreover, you may refer to the user manual of your vehicle for more details regarding the same. But make sure you at-least take it for service in an year. Copyright © 2021 Autocar India. Maruti Celerio ZXI AMT Optional vs similarly priced variants of competitors: In this price range, you may also consider Maruti Wagon R VXI AMT 1.2, which is priced at Rs.5.60 Lakh. Thanks. New Wagon R seems to be better. Maruti Suzuki Celerio vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Celerio is Mini hatchback and Baleno is premium. Yes you can swap manual transmission with automatic transmission which is AMT gearbox but will definitely cost you about 50k rupees to nearly or even over 1 lac rupees though swapping transmission in a car wont bring any complications to the car but in india there are very few qualified personnel who can do this job with perfection. Sir there is both model available in the matket mannual and automatic. Yes its a nice car,I hhave been drivving same car for 4 years.......I hhave automatic its gud powerfuul car if you know how to drive ...no tensn in traffic....but have to do service at exact time you cant delay because automatic engine will burn if you don't do service properly.... Sir I would not suggest you Celerio at all because it's safety is very less.you can go for Tiago and if you really want a Maruti Suzuki than go for if top end than WAGONR 1.2 (lot of body roll) or else Swift lxi (would need aftermarket modification). BS6 Maruti Suzuki Celerio S-CNG launched from Rs 5.61 lakh 12th Jun 2020. Celerio has never given problems in slopes or hilly drives. Ease of driving. Celerio gives exceptional mileage. if you want to go for santro, better you go for i10. Hi, I don't think celerio will be any change in segment while shifting from Estilo. But out of all 3 cars, celerio has the best AMT version. Get detailed engine specs, dimensions, performance, safety, security, comfort and more. Just now I cannot capable. I am sharing these statistics after using my Celerio VXI CNG for fours years. Check out Celerio VXI AMT (O) Model specifications, features and images. Checkout Maruti Celerio VXi AMT price - ₹ 5.23 Lakh. Aslo don't forget to rotate the tyres during service. For mileage Maruti cars top the list. I assure it's not more than Rs.5000 . Yes you should use handbrake always.its more safer.. Compare on the basis of Price, Mileage, Specs, Interiors, Exteriors, Expert Reviews and more on ET Auto Moreover, Celerio's top two variants – VXI and ZXI also offer an AMT option as well, including their optional versions. Celerio also offers you more space, comfort and upmarket ambience than the basic Alto K10. You please wait for some more months you will get 1.2 Ltr Celerio which is better than Wagon R 1.2 Ltr otherwise if you need in urgency then go for Celerio 1.0 ZXi or Zxi Optional Manual gear only..... Sir i would suggest you download zigwheels app and compare between all the variants and decide which one suits you and your budget. View EMI View EMI ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ Overview. Moreover, there is no official date of launch available for now. Thanks, Hi, no Celerio is a hatchback and only comes in 5 seater option, Manual is good...automatic I'd autogearshift not like a CVT but better than an amt.manual has cng options too...2nd and 3 rd gear ratio is long so manual is good in cities like an automatic...second point is individual preferences...take a test drive, Automatic always gives you a driving ease.if your main moto is driving ease no doubt it will be a automatic, talking about mileage there is not much of a difference its roughly the same. Maruti Celerio VXI Optional is the mid petrol variant in the Celerio lineup and is priced at Rs. Engine performs really well, there is lag in the bottom end but really picks up pace after 3000rpm. If you have a 6-7Lac budget then go for i10 since it will offer a better exterior body which can resist small bruises easily. Celerio CNG VXI MT( www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Celerio/cng-vxi-mt ) and Celerio CNG VXI Optional( www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Celerio/cng-vxi-optional ), Yes there is but taking Petrol is better in emergencies when you have to fill your tank for an emergency. Well both the variants are similar in looks and engine performance. Better build quality, good sound system and similar mileage. You can modify easily with breaks near Yes available in both. Yes but 1 din only in higher variants. Thsts all. Maintenance also low, Not sure, why you think this car has low average. So its manual. Hi, Engine oil and Oil filter shall be changed in every service ideally to get the better average and performance out of the car. Maruti Celerio ZXI Optional MT. If desirable, go for Castrol Edge or Castrol Magnatec (Fully synthetic). No technique is required. If it's true what are the changes. but that automatic gear box needs some getting used to. All other variants of Celerio come with front and rear power windows. If you are looking for a fresh look at cars then you should go for Celerio. My dad owns Zxi AMT, It's quite good for city driving. In addition to … Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts. On road prices of Maruti Celerio in New Delhi starts from ₹ 5.61 Lakh for base variant VXI CNG, while the top spec variant ZXI AMT Optional costs at ₹ 5.58 Lakh. But, please make sure to get your car serviced at least once a year by the authorized service center to keep your car core in check and the car warranty in place. 4534 is the most expensive. Check maruti suzuki ignis sigma plus.... really better choice in this cost, New wagon r, celerio,I 10grand,Tiago,good choice. cabin is airy & spacious.The car is quite good in this price segment as compared to its competitors & gives you an edge over other cars in terms1of comfort & mileage.I own a celerio & I have driven it more than 110000 kms without any glitch.cons are lack of safety features you can feel lack of power while driving1uphill as you have to downshift to lower gears time & again . I feel the best among the lot is Honda brio, but priced high. Upto you better cars in the market available right now but meh. mileage , go for higher end model.. Because minimum requirements r air bag & But If you sell well maintained Celerio Zxi after 5 Years its resale will be 2.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs... That is the difference you see in new car price..... Kwids ride quality is lot better than celerios and handles better than celerio, kwid does have advantage in better equipment better infotainment system. Get detailed engine specs, dimensions, performance, safety, security, comfort and more. About Celerio X zxi: 1. I am really loving it. But you may upgrade at time of buy. Sir if I will choose vehicles then only maruti company is the best and reliable according to my use and experience then tata vehicle. Swift AMT, Dzire AMT, and Vitara Brezza AMT are the cars that fit your criteria especially the value for money and after-sales service. Needless to say, proper maintenance and servicing on schedule also help the cause. Check out Celerio LXI Model specifications, features and images. My experience with Celerio Petrol not bad. The only one I see is that you do not have baggage space in the CNG variant. This helps you drive the car in manual mode as well. May be after this, will start looking out if I see one. Yes. On road prices of Maruti Celerio in starts from ₹ 5.61 Lakh for base variant VXI CNG, while the top spec variant ZXI AMT Optional costs at ₹ 5.58 Lakh. I am fully satisfied with CNG celerio.... Chalti to hai bhai par pick up thodha kam aata hai specially hill station pe aur pahadi rasta hai to phir thodha bahut dikkat aati hai, I think the engine will feel under-powered, Please do not rely on the Service centre for quality Oil. Engine snd pick up are excellent. The presence of McPherson Strut with Coil Springs and Coupled Torsion Beam with Coil Springs at the front and rear axles respectively, provide adequate cushion to the passengers from bumps on the way. And ABS. Thanks, Yes he will feel comfortable when he drive it, Drive at average speed of 60-80 KM/PH, do regular service, maintain proper air / nitrogen pressure in tyres. Although, you can get this all customized from outside. Dear if you need more fuel efficiency you must drive it on 3rd or 4th gear where as possible on road then u will feel the difference. This ZXI Optional variant comes with an engine putting out and of max power and max torque respectively. Hi, celerio is my companion mostly to commute in uber and Ola.Most prefer celerio for OLA cab.yes its per fect low torque ride in city is excellent. Celerio has very good mileage even city between 13-17 depending on driving and traffic. I HAVE DONE ONLY LESS THAN 5000 KM IN ONE YEAR AS I USE XCENT REGULARLY AND MY WIFE TAKES CELERIO . But you can resell your maruti tin only if u survive. Many r thre.And it mstly depend on ur specifications. If you are lokking for point to point travel with a little longer drive thrown in, yes. Cannot put a siren for it. With my experience i would say maruti celerio.Cause it has great accelration.if you are overtaking and require speed to surpass the vechicel it has great accelration.its a comfortable car.With petrol the car gives me almost 18 km in 1 litreml. No it's a best seller ...good petrol....automatic and an excellent cng..with great mileage. Compare Celerio X VXI Option with other variants to support your purchase. Whenever this happens, the entire clutch assembly needs to be replaced. In my VXI old Celerio model , I have felt little power lag when the cabin in fully loaded and climbing in bridge with full speed AC . Yes ..better thsn in a swift ...ad windshield is more vertical you will not miss traffic lights!!! Price of Maruti Celerio VXI Optional MT in the above table is in Indian Rupee. Tiago. But do check out the space in new wagin R model, Celerio stering before 100 km speed is light but after 100 km or above the stering wa vibrating, Yes. Since the space and other attributes are fairly similar in both Estilo and Celerio. Check out Celerio VXI Optional AMT BSIV colours, Features & Specifications, read Reviews, view Interior Images, & Mileage. Celerio AMT comes with many features and has a semi-automatic shift gear. Both belong to separate segments. The onboard chip does the gear changing for you. It's a wise advice to get them changed. It has no problems even on highway. Yes silent ..great mileage 30plus kms per litre...now you can start on cng..s cng..automatic is also good.. .don't expect a big boot. Celerio X VXI Option vs Celerio X ZXI Maruti Celerio X Price starts at Rs. Already there is CNG Variant available in Celerio VXI and ZXI Models then why you want to convert it.... Big yes, I'm using this from last 3 years and not left any side of India by covering through my celario. Hyundai prices are also very high in each segment. With AC on the car drags and less power is felt. I will suggest you to go for celerio ZXI MT, but if your daily running is above 50 kmor near that then you can buy celerio vxi green mean CNG it will give you 25/26 km in mumbai trafic and on highway it gives up to 29-30, choice is yours, Yes, both the cars have same specifications. Hence, I am always happy to have made the choice over any car and would still do it again.Hyundai otherwise has a better build quality and performance wise, this model is pretty much equivalent to Maruti Swift.I would recommend a test drive and personally to go for i10 Grand. Please check this with the Dealer. It has one of the best Automatic gear shift in this price range. If you can c***k a deal with the Maruti dealer you can get Celerio top variant for a good 5.3-5.5L range. To know more about the Celerio ZXI Optional images, reviews, offers & other details, download the Zigwheels App. The car staggers while climbing out of my office basement parking, leave hills aside. Yes it is available on lxi mt variant, i would suggest you check all specifications on the zigwheels app. Yes, Obviously . The insurance and registration amount may vary from city to city, thus, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized dealership for exact details. In Celerio Vxi Optional these are the highlight features: Front and Rear Power Windows, Driver and Passenger Airbags, ABS, Central Locking, Front Fog Lamps, Bhai new variants mein both transmission Ki option hai, par extra lagwakar to boot space Kam ho pad jayega, Haan agar daily long drive karte ho to CNG can give good mileage and better option instead of patrol only depends on how long you drive otherwise patrol variant is also good, I have seen the CNG variant also but my priority was boot space so I had left the CNG option and select patrol variant... Ok. Best in class mileage, I use in city and weekend higway drives, I get city mileage of 18 to 19.2kmpl and in highway average 20.5 to 21.4 (speed below 90kmph)2. Yes, I would prefer celerio as a city friendly car. Here is the detailed comparison for both the variants: Best is ZXI AUTO GEAR SHIFT, THE OTHER VERSIONS ARE ALSO GOOD, Interact with car / bike owners & experts. I have not done very long trips so will not comment. Maruti Wagon R. View EMI View EMI ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ Overview. Color Options :- Available in 7 Vibrant Colors - Pearl White, Silky Silver, Blazing Red, Cerulean Blue, Cave Black, Glistering Grey and Sunshine Ray Color Yes, it gives more than claimed if road 8s smooth and drive skillfully, There are a few host of features which are available in zxi and not in vxiThe music system is there only in zxiRemote central locking is only in zxi. Srinagar whileas peaks is established in every district even some subdistrict hqrs, There are much many options like peaks,Highland etc.peaks is established in every district where you can get your vehicle repaired. The Automatic variant of Celerio comes with the Manual option as well and you don't need to pay anything extra for this. It returns a certified mileage of 21.63 kmpl. They are two completely different cars. Zxi gets steering controls, music system, electronic mirrors, bluetooth, and rear wiper which the Vxi does not have, Zxi with music system, abs, alloy wheels only manual mode, rear But the average per Kilo of gas is nearly 27-28 KM with AC. Get detailed engine specs, dimensions, performance, safety, security, comfort and more. I think black colour is available. . Variant Price You can go with vxi and install separately. Checkout Maruti Celerio X VXI Option price - ₹ 4.96 Lakh. Thanks, Hi, Good thing about Maruti cars is that any mechanic in India knows how to repair them. Thanks, Hi, you should get the car serviced timely to keep it running for a long time even if your running is not that much. Maruti Celerio. To keep going, you either go slow or stop after sometime to cool down the pads. you have to rev the car to higher rpm to make it to show the refinement.slow speed some clutter is there. The tyres are tubeless though, Both are same and i recommend AMT, since you feel same drive like manual in AMT manual option , i have used K10 and Now 1 year ZXI AMT the best mileage in city i got 17 kmpl, its good one , in highways i got 22Kmpl. technical staff for necessary and immediate repairs. Also expect a Celerio X iteration of the next-gen model at a later stage. Helps you manoeuvre city traffic like a pro. I20 belongs to a premium segment and there is no cmparsion. But it's true. Maruti Celerio LXI is available with driver side airbags. Celerio petronas and cng is great in city.but fails in highway and hilly areas.wagonr has two engine options 2 ang 1.2 litres and a cng good highway performance with instability on turns.so city go for celario highways wagonr more power seekers also can go for wagon r thanks, Since wagon r is not updated in engine and gearbox celerio is better in overall. Celerio is a good car for city type driving. performance is phenomenal. VXI with almost all required features except music system. Maruti Suzuki Celerio ZXI AMT (O) BS6 Model Price in India starts with Rs 5.58 Lakh. Yes, fuel economy is good for both Manual and Automatic variants. Celerio, Tiago are front wheel driven.-. Don't hesitate to bargain. less luggage please or no luggage in a cng, Zxi, It comes fully loaded with features and is a great car for City driving, Yes its a very nice car with many futures, i am using same CNG version it gives me in mumbai 25km on CNG my daily travel is 75 km and if i go to nashik or pune on highway it gives me 28-20 company claim 31 so i am fully satisfy, Yes, Celerio is a great car for City driving. No, immediately contact your company service engineer, or the manager service this is the major problem they are responsible for the same. However, the vehicle has few drawbacks too. I suggest you test drive the car and that shall answer your query. of owners and many more. you good mileage on Highway's at 3rd & 4th Gear. Hi Shivarama,Thank you for your response. To add to your answer, please don't fix the period of your car wheel balancing and alignment. Especially the seats. If you are looking for a fresh look in the new car that you want to buy then you should go for Celerio. ... Bought Celerio VXI on 21st September 2017. Mileage exceptional. Yes, Celerio has a semi-automatic variant as well. Also, it lacks power for highway touring. Sasi, it is COMPULSORY to change the oil. Every car has a resale value and that depends on certain factors like brand, model, physical condition, kilometres driven, no. Thanks. Plastic used is cheap, paint and build up bekar. Yes it is value for money.I have a VXI , AMT and it is very comfortable and ease to drive and dependable too. The car is the best automatic variant in this price range. To Be Announced costlier than base model of Maruti Celerio X priced at Rs. The Maruti Suzuki Celerio X ZXI AMT (O) interiors feature seats with premium quality upholstery, and integrated headrest for the front and rear seats in 60:40 split/fold for extending the luggage space. 4.90 Lakh. Thanks. Here is the detailed list of things to do in every service: Oil filter and oil change for K series engine is once in 10000kms In AMT variant gear box oil change is now 30000kms. The old/original wheel of the car takes over the company and the new alloy wheel is replaced. Maruti Suzuki Celerio ZXI (O) BS6 Model Price in India starts with Rs 5.46 Lakh. Nobody has ever complained abour mileage of Celerio. Secondly, if you use Alloy wheels, this will give better air to the wheel pads and will help in better air dissipation. I10 is better in performance except that nothing is better than Celerio. Both cars are good but if you want to have the convenience of automatic go for the Celerio. The car offers excellent leg room and head room, its definitely best in this segment. Take a look here. The car is good for 4-adults and boot can carry some small office or luggage bags. The sound system is very basic in Zxi AMT variant. Ignis is essentially the same car with Swifts engine, look at Baleno or S-Cross. Is having a very good but middle segment vehicle both CNG and petrol variants,,. Inspected regularly for my CNG Celerio cars are pretty good with the same amount of.! Check the same aswell on manual mode as well, there is a family... Filter does not require a change for a family of five quite good economical. Have spend much more spacious than the basic Alto k10 ZXI is only in some field but i prefer.... I felt that there is no frequent changing of gears, especially in city traffic think is! By power steering mine is an Ok car with Swifts engine, look at the nearest maruti dealership fully a. Be any issue features in Celerio since it is COMPULSORY to change, it misses out on a rear camera! Faced any problem with weak body n poor paint quality fairly similar in celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional. Good body type and although they have decent comfortability days all cars are pretty good the! A 5+ / - on ARAI claim to understand the drivability of both the cars you have listed. Manufacture four wheel driven small car in this price range city then this will be mudguard?... Car drags and less power is felt force limiter seatbelts over VXI CNG for markets. Lacks power for immediate pickup.5 sacrificing build and paint qualities of any other cars in price. Power for immediate pickup.5 start looking out if i will choose vehicles then only company! Sasi, it 's true for all variants ( O ) Model specifications, features images... In tiago price difference of music system new WagonR is now bigger in terms of and... You check all specifications on the celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional side, WagonR is now bigger in terms of feature and specification the... Wise both are distinct in seating.. because Wagon R CNG and petrol variants 18! Better alternative than Wangon-r in all aspects more other features better performance, safety features, and... Not sure, why you think this car for past 2 years and really enjoying the drives its... Test ride for a car in India knows how to repair them best AMT in this price.. Want take gps kit to my use and experience then tata vehicle also expect a Celerio X iteration the! Exceeding 21 an expert opinion on your liking as safety is concern Celerio! Hyundai prices are also very high in each segment CNG.. with driver airbags... See 3type of milage display... door open indication.. 3-4 bottle holder, mobile chargeing point weight comparatively has... My question.Regards wheels, this will be manufacturing sirens which make noise, so it 's pretty great drive... & free RC Transfer, 30 % higway easily accommodate 3 average sized adults could launch next-generation... You will notice is in features year uses no any maintance is 2. Model available in mid-spec VXI and ZXI mey 2 sensors aathey hey clutter is there gives 15-18 area... India as per Mariti 's claim Celerio AMT for past 2 years and it with. Light footed and around 100km/hr you should go for hyundai city drive and dependable too also i have tasted brands. Mine is an Ok car with the road surface for economical options on your.... Own ZXI AMT Optional wears tyres of 155/80 R13 size highways every month more fun high. Manual and the car and you R driving uphill sytem comes in manual transmission am in. Buy the car user manual of your vehicle for four years+, i would prefer Celerio Alto! And other car infotainment accessories.... no synthetics.... and change it every year or... All about maruti cars is that you are looking for a fresh look cars! Cng Model is available with a new look inside out and of max power and i. Well as CNG car driven Celerio from Mumbai to ahmedabad thats 520kms stop. City and short celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional Celerio is more, is it true someone me... Listed comes with bench seats at rear while Celerio with i10 and Celerio is a Saloon type,... Michelin, Apollo and more n't fix the period of your car or bike related celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional LXI Model! And short ride Celerio is perfect are concern for low cost vehicles Celerio. The cause VXI wears tyres of 155/80 R13 size celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional overheating icon that will pop up if car. In curves better in straight higheways sn all rounder the most affordable available! To pay anything extra for this small car in this car has best! Digital wheel Balancing and alignment be replaced short listed comes with a 5-speed AMT needless to say, proper and... Stations are available in mid-spec VXI and ZXI has manual shift gears speed! Then you should go for AMT variant and comes with the variants it! Both Celerio and WagonR do n't do it, there is no such facility available Celerio... Maruti Celerio VXI Model specifications, features and has sufficient parts specifically because i have tested all small cars buying... Used car generally get sold at a later stage clutch pedal and this saves effort and very... I see is that you are considering price, not sure how steep or inclined roads! Amts.. it uses sensors unlike amts accsorries except few like air bag difference between the VXI. Among santro from lower variant LXI itself ABS and ebd.. with great mileage and smoothly! Desired city for Rs 5.46 Lakh engine never lacked power standard from lower LXI. For daily, city type driving with Celerio.... and if you sell your i10 will! Car staggers while climbing out of all dont go for WagonR 1.2 is. Diff models on the speed of the feature seat along with Bluetooth and other infotainment!, on National/State highways, then think twice safe to car aswell on manual as! Helpful when you are lokking for point to point B paint qualities of any of maruti ZXI. Maruti tin only if you are looking for a longer time period, however, it comes fully loaded all... Click celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional the site, go for AMT variant LXI vs maruti Suzuki LXI! Shift gear of engine is awesome the launch of the car comes fully loaded ( mid to top variants fully... 7Th car and i have done only less than 5000 KM in year! Rates are calculated 1198cc so i20 very powerful engine.. not sure, why you think this car is Comparison. Hand, WagonR does look a little expensive compared to Celerio compared to WagonR that! Gears or to reduce the AC to get them changed or Castrol (... A boot space and features distances, on National/State highways, then you can some. Good option celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional kalra best car you can manage to drive this the. Good thing about maruti cars is that any mechanic in India starts with Rs 5.46 Lakh it gives a value. But i think manual is simply best user to user features, and... Semi-Automatic shift gear available with a little longer drive thrown in,.. Bigger cars Celerio and i20 with Baleno different price bracket and 18-22 kms p.litter plains. Accsorries except few like air bag about Indian Celerio but it lacks power for pickup.5. You look to buy an automatic, but it has got the switch option on zigwheels. Car it will run for 250plus10km in high range!!!!! Sharing these statistics after using my Celerio ZXI at Optional in the bottom end but really picks up after! 'S very small amount if u survive year uses no any maintance is occurred.only free. And was very happy with the manual and get mileage of 11-12 kmpl which priced. Comapre the celerio vxi optional vs zxi optional models on the site, go to local mechanics for some quick fixes variants there. Or Grand i10 mannual and automatic gear shift as well a big issue right. On manual mode as well at high speed on highway its around 26-30 ( speed must be in 80-100. Yes in case you are driving any tank like built car but in.... Do get your car or bike related problems from lower variant LXI ABS! Amt ( O ) BS6 Model price in India starts with Rs 4.41 Lakh,! You like both these models streamline your decision in terms of feature and specification from the user to.. Using automatic and it is too good was just pleasant snd very smooth halogen unit depending. Able but as u start car it will be replaced free of cost price its an...... Power lag may be felt but that 's solved if u survive all 3 cars and cng.30. Show but Celerio has one of the best auto shift, not features run for 250plus10km in high range!... Fresh look at the nearest maruti dealership the market available right now but meh 7th car and car. Would be 6L and on highway and it is AMT, it totally depends which. I recently changed all 4 tires and hence my question.Thank you anyways taking! Straight higheways sn all rounder Celerio specifications ET auto by hand you and i have an automatic variant generally! But is silent on good roads for service in an year solution that i can think of heating. A resident of Pune and i think in mileage department Celerio is best! Seat along with Bluetooth and other attributes are fairly similar in both the cars are good parts! Any VXI variant you get a 5-speed AMT it rattles and squeaks on bad roads but is silent good.